Released: 5/9/2014 ESRB: G


Graph Paper is a simple app to replicate real-life graph paper. I tried to make Graph Paper simple to use without creating too much complication that you might find in CAD applications. You can use it map out Minecraft locations, graph coordinates in your math or engineering class, or draw out cross-stitch patterns. The possibilities are endless.

I am constantly working on updating Graph Paper with new features and updates. So I want to hear from you on your experience! Want to see a feature in Graph Paper? Have a suggestion? Visit to contact me. “Like” me on Facebook at or follow on Twitter @exohive

Feature highlights:

Drawing and Designing
- Line weight
- Multiple colors (More can be purchased in app)
- Line Types ( Solid, Dashed, Dots )
- Square and Circle Shapes
- Line Snap and Ortho
- Coordinate tool tips

- Add text to your drawing
- Select from different fonts, sizes and colors

Paper Types
- Resizable Grid.
- Isometric Paper Grid
- Blueprint paper

Saving and Exporting
- Save drawings and come back to them later.
- Save to Camera Roll as Picture
- Email as PDF
- Print from inside Graph Paper

Help documentation included to show you how to use features.


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